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tv   First Look  MSNBC  February 27, 2014 2:00am-2:31am PST

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time. but this vote already a good start. have a great night. . the arizona governor kills a bill that would legalize levels of discrimination. cold war games. 150,000 russian troops on military maneuvers and secretary of state kerry says russian military action in ukraine would be a grave mistake. fine print, the white house is proposing sweeping changes to nutrition labels that will impact almost everything we eat. plus, jay leno's big announcement. a smart phone for the super secret designed to self destruct. and a fascinating study uncovers what our dog's expressions really mean. good morning, everybody.
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vetoed, arizona's governor strikes down a controversial anti-gay bill. arizona senator john mccain and former secretary of state hillary clinton praise his decision. >> thankfully the governor of arizona has vetoed the discriminatory legislation that was passed. recognizing that inclusive leadership is really what the 21st century is all about. >> demonstrators also cheered following the governor's decision. jay gray has the story. >> reporter: after six days of protests outside the arizona state house, with the stroke of a pen jan brewer changed the chan chants to cheers, vetoing senate bill 1062, controversial religious freedoms legislation that opponents call a thinly
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veiled measure allowing businesses to refuse services to gay and lesbian customers or anyone else for that matter. >> i sincerely believe that senate bill 1062 has a potential to create more problems than it purports to solve. i could divide arizona in ways we cannot even imagine and no one would ever want. >> the center for arizona policy, the group that wrote the legislation, issued a statement after the veto saying it was a sad day and that opponents had distorted the measure intended to "guarantee that all arizonans would be free to live and work according to their faith." major corporations including apple, delta, american, and southwest airlines, pet smart, major league baseball, nba and nfl had all urged brewer to veto the legislation. >> i think it was a combination of both the business communities and the activists being out here day after day after day that finally sent the message. >> reporter: who in turn tried to send a loud message to so
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many watching and waiting for her decision. jay gray, nbc news, phoenix. cold war games now in the form of a provocative show of force from russia. vladimir putin ordering 150,000 troops to test combat readiness. the troops are there to conduct military exercises. but it's also where they are that's causing concern. in an area bordering ukraine just a few days following the fall of kiev. also, afp news agency reports a russian war ship is docked in havana, cube yachlt ha. this is prompting a blunt warning from john kerry. he says any military intervention in ukraine would be a grave mistake. secretary kerry spoke to nbc chief foreign affairs correspondent andrea mitchell. >> we're hoping that russia will not see this as sort of a continuation of the cold war. we don't see it that way. we do not believe this should be
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an east-west, russia-united states. this is not rocky iv. believe me. we don't see that way. >> now that east-west divide led to classes wednesday in ukraine. at issue, those who want ukraine closer to europe and those who are pro russia. there is a word this morning that the nutritional panels that appear on all the foods that we buy are about to get a makeover. to i did michelle obama along with the head of the fda will announce proposed updates to the label as part of the first lady's push to help americans make healthier choices. nbc's tracie potts is live in washington with details. what kind of changes are we talking about here? >> betty, they're change that's will give us a better idea of food we're eating. take a look at the old label on the left and a couple of the new proposals on the right. the calories, in particular will be a lot more prominent under these proposals. also, they're adding a new line or expected to add a new line for added sugars although some
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manufacturers say they add natural sugars. updating serving sizes for what we really eat, listing nutrients by package size and serving size and removing some things like calories from fat, those new changes expected to happen today, betty. >> okay. we'll be watching for it. thank you. and nbc news has learned exclusive details regarding an fbi informant who was planted within al qaeda. according to numerous sources, the fbi had a mole inside al qaeda who actually met osama bin laden eight years before the september 11th attack. this mole knew bin laden planned to finance terror plots. the informant acted as a driver and confidante for the man who planned the 1993 terror attack on the world trade center. bin laden, though, apparently told the mole about a planned attack on a masonic lodge in los angeles. that information which helped the fbi prevent it from ever
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happening. all right. so drought stricken california is finally getting a double blast of rain. but it comes with the possible flooding. heavy showers in the san francisco bay area knocked down trees and caused power outages in some areas. and wind gusts up to 45 miles per hour forced the cancellation of some airline flights. now following wednesday's rain a potentially stronger storm is on the way which could cause some severe flash flooding. but they need the rain since 2013 was california's driest year on record. residents are being warned to prepare for the largest rain event in southern california in three years. and downtown los angeles may get half of last year's rainfall total in this storm. bill karins is here to talk about that. you know, when they say it rains it pours, it is definitely happening there. >> they need it. we don't want to see trees on houses and suffering, but this is how it comes in california. >> take what you can get. >> you get the fires, you get
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the heavy rain and mudslides. it's the way it goes. as far as what we're dealing with, we have the storms coming into the west. we have this just amazingly cold air for this time of year covering everywhere east of the rockies. so that's going to be the recipe for winter weather over the next four, five days at least. look at these temperatures. down to new orleans it's cold this morning. and, you know, god forbid you're in fargo, minus 35 degrees this morning. it's still very cold in the boston area. so we have all the rain that came through california. we're getting pretty good snows right now in the central sierra. that's what we really need. you build up that snow pack. that's the water that melts and trickles into the reservoirs. this is storm one. storm two comes in later tonight and all day friday. this one really could give los angeles significant rain. if they get two inches of rain, it's been three years since l.a. had single storm give an inch of rain. that's an incredible stat. so once that all heads east, what's it going to do? confidence is now growing and significant snow and ice storm sunday into monday. sunday in the central plains,
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monday from the ohio valley up into the northeast f you have travel plans in those areas, make sure you stay tuned to the forecast. we'll have more details coming. >> all right. we've been warned. thank you. now to the latest sports from richard lui. good morning. >> good morning. as the nfl gets ready for its first openly gay player, michael sam, an nfl man against slurs is in the works. that includes gay slurs and using -- use of the n word. the first offense would get 15 yards. the second offense, possible ejection. and while the n word is used by some african-american players included, they use it sometimes to praise a job well done. many in the community saying they want that word gone. the ban could come down next month. next, overtime stunner michigan at purdue. glen robinson iii whipped a buzzer beater with pops who played for purdue looking on. robinson and michigan win 77-76. another nail biter, university
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of north carolina and north carolina state. unc's marcus page goes key to key for the winning lay-up. there north carolina state loses that one 85-84. lebron james will look a little different tonight. he's going to wear a face mass tok protect his broken nose. why, betty? he says well, of course, he wants to protect it. this mask he is using is hot, uncomfortable and prone to fogging up. but better than reinjuring the nose. the hulk of san antonio so tough to contain his foot ripping through his shoe -- >> that is crazy. you have ever seen someone come right through their shoe? >> he has no sole. >> stop it. >> i know. olympic women got almost as much air time as men. women got 41%st time. men got 45% or a 4% gap n years past that, gap was 20%. today show host willie geist got some moves.
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even against shaquille o'neal who can flick willie like a flea. watch has under hand scoop around the 7 footer. tamron hall, i can not believe what is happening there. willie did play for his high school team though. >> willie has game. against shack shack aq and he w. could red light cameras be on the way out? plus the battle for parking spots gets dicier when winter weather throws drivers a curve ball. that's next. [ male announcer ] are you so stuffed up, you feel like you're underwater?
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time to get down to business and who better than cnbc hampton pierson. good morning. >> good morning. fist we start with american airlines and they're merging with usair ways. american is now saying that it is going to be no longer giving special fares to passengers who must book last-minute flights due to a relative's death. the move brings american in line with the policy usair ways which does not offer bereavement
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fares. fewer communities are using red light cameras designed to catch drivers who run stop lights. the institute for insurance highway safety finds the number has fallen 6% since 2012. warren buffett's berkshire hathaway buying 3.1 million shares of div ichldavita health partners. it is one of the largest providers of dialysis. early look at headlines. back to you. >> we appreciate it. stories making news this morning. the massive general motors recall. it may get a lot worse for the company. the national highway traffic safety administration will ve investigate the timliness of the recall. they required to issue a recall within five days. there is a no bag policy for this year's boston marathon. the rule which is in response to last year's deadly bombing
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states bags and backpacks are not allowed near the start or finish line or along the course. and with parking in big cities getting tougher thanks to the snow, people in philly have taken it upon themselves to block spots with furniture of all things. well, the philly police department will not have any of that. they started a hash tag called #nosavies. the latest polls on hillary clinton and ben affleck take center stage on capitol hill. we have "scrambled politics" next. i know i'm making the right choice. online or on the phone, we help you hire right the first time. with honest reviews on over 720 local services. keeping up with these two is more than a full time job, and i don't have time for unreliable companies. angie's list definitely saves me time and money. for over 18 years we've helped people take care of the things that matter most. join today.
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all right. now here's your first look at your thursday edition of "scrambled politics." will she or won't she? we're talking about hillary clinton, of course, and 2016. she spoke to cheering students at the university of miami last night. and it's this question about her infamous twitter bio that might have broken the applause meter. >> can you give us some insight into how the tvd in your file -- >> well, i'd really like to. but i have no characters left. i will certainly ponder that. >> keeping us waiting. a whopping 82% of democrats want clinton to run for president. that's according to a new "new york times"/cbs poll. behind clinton, the possible candidates drawing the most interest are vice president joe
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biden, former florida governor jeb bush and kentucky senator rand paul. as for new jersey governor chris christie, more republicans want him to run than not. 41% to 31%. and the poll says republicans have the edge in this year's midterms, 42% say they will back republicans in november. 39% say they'll back democrats. senate votes on proposals to address military sexual assaults are likely within two weeks. and there are two competing democratic proposals, one from new york senator gillibrand and the other from mccaskill. gillibrand's calls for the investigation of crimes to be taken out of the military chain of command. but mccaskill's doesn't. and the federal judge rules texas's vote area proved ban on gay marriage is unconstitutional. the ban is still in place as the texas attorney general's office works on an appeal. actors ben affleck and seth
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rogan from the big screen to capitol hill. affleck testifying on peace in the kongo and rogan with his mother-in-law's struggle with alzheimer's. he made light of the seriousness by joking about what really brought him there. >> i came here today for a few reasons. one, i'm a huge house of cards fan. >> i'm sorry you had to unmask me. i'm really kevin spacey in disguise. >> looks just like him, doesn't he? that is your morning dish of "scrambled politics." bob franken, we always enjoy your time on the show. good morning you to. thanks for joining us. >> well, you had to put me on after ben affleck, right? >> i did. it's tough. really tough for you, obviously. so after nationwide criticism, arizona governor jan brewer vetoed this controversial bill that would allow businesses to deny service to the gay community based on religious beliefs. any idea, though, bob, what took her so long to make that
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decision? >> well, she had to get back to the state first of all. she was in washington. second of all, it took time for her to become apparent that just about everybody outside the arizona legislature was opposed to the bill and the reality was there that a lot of businesses were going to pull their business from arizona. somebody suggested by the way that maybe that restaurants in arizona would be justified if they refuse service or allowed entry to any members of the arizona legislature. >> i saw some of those signs. other states like missouri, georgia, kansas, and others are just considering similar bills. so what does outcry in arizona actually affect the outcome in these other states, perhaps? >> well, actually, what we're seeing is that some of those states are beginning to back off just a little bit, probably for the same reason which is to say that it could hit them very, very hard in the pocketbook which is not something you want to do in the economy. kansas is backing off a little bit. ohio is backing off a little bit. besides which you have all these
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rulings on gay marriage, the most recent one being as you just pointed out in texas yesterday. so i think that those who are against gays, to put it bluntly, are backing off a little bit. let's go global. moscow put 150,000 troops on alert from massive exercises near the ukrainian border. a russian spy ship docked in cuba. is this the beginning of a modern day cold war? >> you know, we talked about this a week ago, betty. and that is that things would start to heat up a little bit after the olympics were over. they are over now. and so you have the russians, vladimir putin blustering a little bit and secretary of state of this country saying any troops in ukraine will be a grave mistake. that is the exact quote. >> all right. bob franken as always, thanks so much for your time. we appreciate it. >> thank you, betty. >> coming up, bill karins and richard lui will be here for "first buzz" and we're talking
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well, looky here. jay leno can't stay away from the spotlight for very long as he appeared on the arsenio hall show to make an announcement. >> arsenio hall show is officially picked up and will continue for a second season! actually, on the sec season, i'm going to be hosting. they didn't tell that you part. no. >> all right. >> those are good old days. >> yeah, the good old days.
2:27 am
>> when they used to go up against each other. >> you know when you're growing up you see your dog, they're your best friend and then you'll scold them for something. did you ever think that they really feel that shame? well, according to new reports, they say they don't. according to scientists, they say dogs don't have the ability to feel shame. but that hasn't stopped at 58 million page views on dog, this first one the dog says i like to unroll the toilet paper roll when i'm left out of my kennel. >> they feel shame. >> he doesn't look like he is feeling ashamed. >> good looking dog. >> i disagree. >> i ate my mom's shoe for breakfast and i enjoyed every moment of it. >> maybe it's not the word. i had a dog that made a little accident in the kitchen. he walked out of the room the most shamed i've ever seen anything in my life. >> so you disagree? >> i totally disagree. >> i'm kind of with you on that, too. i really think they -- >> it's just a word. >> they feel negativity,
2:28 am
perhaps. >> they back down because of your voice and the way you're scolding them. >> dog psychology right here on "first look." >> let's plof to technology. this is pretty cool. >> okay. so we have that problem of when we lose our phones we're worried about the security. the contacts we have and the information. well, boeing, boeing coming out with a super secure phone. you see it there. it is called boeing block, appropriately named. 5.2 by 2.7 inches. about the size of an iphone. duel sim cards it in. it has an hdmi port. you can hook it up to a tv. it's going to be using some form of secure version of the android software. >> okay. but the best part is, it is self destructing. >> yes. and sealed by apoxy. >> can you imagine something trin to steal it and then it explodes in their face. >> it's not like that smart, it just destroys all the information on the inside. >> it's pretty scientific. out of the world. >> sandra bullock has a good
2:29 am
chance of winning the oscar on sunday for "gravity." that is not the big story. she's making $70 million, she's getting a portion of the proceeds from the film. last year's top earner eer ang jolie made $30 million all year. >> this is a slam dunk veto. what governor in their right mind would sign this piece of [ beep ] >> arizona governor jan brewer sign or veto the anti-gay bill on her desk? >> i don't have to make a decision until next friday. >> i have until friday or saturday morning to determine that. >> so clearly the governor is curious on this bill. by cure oscy quenched, jan brewer veto's arizona's anti-gay bill. how are religious liberty defenders reacting? delta flyers love their sky miles. love them. so why is the airline giant making it harder and more costly for you to earn them? and the weather forecast from
2:30 am
hell. what made this big guy in bakersfield freak out on live tv? the forecast will make your morning. this is "way too early." >> good morning, everybody, i'm thomas roberts. welcome to "way too early." this is the show where nothing scares our weather man except unruly producers baby king cakes and gophers. all right. so we start out with our lead story today. after days of speculation, arizona govern oor jan brewer vo a bill. they touted the legislation as protectsing religious freedom for businesses and critics say it is more than legalizing denying services to same sex couples. thousands of petitionses from human rights activists and press releases f
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